Product update

Stability + Request for Certification

Stability + Request for Certification
February 3, 2022

Release Date: 8/4/21

Thank you for all of the feedback on our extension the past few weeks! The pace is speeding up, and so in addition to new features we will begin to highlight enhancements and fixes in these product updates.

Stability for the Workstream Concierge (aka, our extension)

We have released a series of enhancements to improve extension performance across Tableau, Looker and Mode. Going forward, our extension should consistently recognize reports or dashboards, ensuring that we serve up the correct content and do not ask you to re-add the same item. Please continue to flag any future issues.

⚠️  As a reminder, our extension should auto-update. If you do not have it installed, you can do so any time here.

🗃️  Request for certification 🗃️

Previously, you could add dashboards to your workspace, mark them as certfied and curate associated content and context.

Now, if a stakeholder finds an asset valuable, they can make a certification request via our extension (or web app)! They simply need to click the certification logo, and a request will be logged for your team to review.