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The analyst

Say goodbye to those endless emails threads with countless model versions, and confusing feedback.

The analyst workstream

The first solution
built to unify analytical projects.

Integrated with your existing analytical tools, from spreadsheets to BI solutions, Workstream lets you better navigate your projects:


Better organize your projects,
from start to finish.


Consolidate your feedback
in a single place.

Workstream - Orchestration Collaboration


We save your team valuable time by helping to automate and orchestrate your projects. We maximize organizational knowledge by reducing the friction inherent in iterative analytical projects, increasing your impact with stakeholders across the business.

Canonical record

Canonical record of your project

Navigate a god's view of your project, from how it has evolved, to what needs to happen next.

Version intelligence

Version intelligence

Managing and controlling model versions is table stakes. 
Now understand what changed, and why.

Guided review

Guided review

Streamline collecting feedback and iterations. Know exactly where input is needed, and how to push forward next steps.

Dynamic, focused conversations

Dynamic, focused conversations

Move from confusing feedback in emails to dynamic conversations that drive your project forward.

Solutions, built with the analyst in mind.

Financial Planning and Analysis

Data Analysts

Stop emailing screenshots of your dashboard. Get feedback right where it belongs.

Business Operations

Business Operations

Struggling to keep track of stakeholder feedback? Regain control with Workstream.

Data Analysts

Financial Analysts

Navigate all of your model versions, and the feedback driving their creation, in a single place.

Request access to our (free) beta!

Work directly with our founders as we build towards our 
beta launch! If you would like to help us refine the Workstream vision into our product experience, please get in touch.

Perks include direct access to our team, unfiltered input into product decisions, and preferential treatment once we get 
into General Availability.

Thank you for your interest in Workstream!  We will be in touch soon. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email our Founder and CEO, Nick
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