Consolidate your analytics assets

Bring together disparate assets, knowledge, and workflows
in a centralized repository for your team.

Rein in the sprawl

Consolidate your assets and conversations from fragmented systems into a single library where they are easy to organize, discover and manage.

Classify assets by stages in their lifecycle. Certify what is up-to-date and accurate. Work collaboratively with stakeholders from a first build to when an asset is core to operations across business.

Manage your data assets in Workstream
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What teams are saying

“I love the in-line collaboration and documentation functionality, and that it’s available everywhere via the data concierge. I can’t wait for them to release the new features they are building right now around data asset usage.”

Khadeeja Ibrahim
Data Analyst at BetterCloud

“ has really helped our team manage our BI tool and deepen our understanding of how stakeholders utilize the dashboards and looks we create."

Syd Atencio
Data Analyst at Willow Innovations

“ has become a part of my regular workflow in working with people across Dropps. The experience is really seamless, making it easy to have conversations around our data and support our business users.”

Avi Webberman
Analytics Engineer at Dropps

“ gets our Customer Success Managers up to speed faster on core data assets, meaning we spend less time training and more time supporting our customers. It has really changed how the data and customer success teams work together.”

Joe Iantosca
VP of Customer Success at BetterCloud

“ allows us to create central Collections of assets from our different analytical tools. This gives our internal teams a single place to access their data assets, including key content like embedded documentation.”

Danielle Mendheim
Senior Manager of Data & Analytics at Dr. Squatch.
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Support your assets like products

Whether it’s Slack, email, internal service desk, or carrier pigeon, each stakeholder has their own method for making data requests, asking questions, and providing feedback. Workstream provides one place for team members to interact with stakeholders throughout the process.

Data Concierge

Unify team communication and collaborate directly in line with your live data assets.

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Content Curation

Certify supported assets, and add documentation and training content

Asset Lifecycle Management

Centralize and automate data asset management, from first run to retirement.

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Treat your stakeholders like customers

Workstream empowers stakeholders to interact with your data team directly on top of live assets. We provide data teams insights into how your products are being used by those customers across the lifecycle.

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Integrations with the tools you already use

Workstream is built directly on top of the analytics and communication tools you already use. With bi-directional support for your existing systems, stakeholders can continue to engage in their solutions of choice, with Workstream keeping a record of all conversations in line with your reports and visualizations.

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Consolidate your analytics workflow
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