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Monte Carlo & JIRA Improvements, Incident Detail Enhancements

Monte Carlo & JIRA Improvements, Incident Detail Enhancements
Nick Freund
January 12, 2024

We continue to launch major enhancements to our new data incident workflows module. This week, we are announcing improvements to our Monte Carlo and JIRA integrations, and overall UI enhancements.

Incident Detail Facelift

Our incident detail page now includes additional information, including which end users have been impacted by an incident. It also allows you to create a JIRA ticket, and bi-directionally sync status between the systems.

new incident detail

Monte Carlo Customization

Now you can configure the types of Monte Carlo incidents that will sync into your workspace. Get more targeted with what triggers your on-call process, and downstream stakeholder alerts and communications. You can now sync incidents into our system based on:

  • Whether Monte Carlo incidents are associated to a data asset (ie, a dashboard) or not
  • Automatic incident / alert type. Decide on if to sync in freshness anomalies, volume anomalies, schema changes, etc.

This is a big improvement to reduce chattiness of the system, and allow your team to focus on what matters most.