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Better manage your data assets. Transform how you engage stakeholders. Gain insight into how your work impacts the business.

Our Features

Knowledge Repository

Consolidate your analytical assets into a single, collaborative workspace for your team. Automatically categorize assets and curate supported data products directly alongside written descriptions, video explanations, and FAQs.

Dashboard Catalog

Centralize reports and visualizations for easy categorization and discovery. Promote top assets with up/down voting.

In-line Context & Analysis

Give your team access to critical information and explainer videos directly on top of live data assets, eliminating one-off trainings and separate documentation.

Promote FAQs

Capture questions from any system of engagement – from Slack to email – and promote them as FAQs that are accessible within a single library for your team

Product Dashboard
Features Concierge

Data Concierge

Give your stakeholders access to critical information directly within the UI of your existing business intelligence tools.

  • Scopes
    Curated Content

    Empower stakeholders to view curated content directly within the native UIs of Tableau, Looker, and Mode.

  • Prioritization
    Stakeholder Engagement

    Allow stakeholders to ask questions and leave feedback on top of data assets, while centralizing requests for prioritization and delivery.

Data Asset Management

Automate and consolidate data assets across their lifecycle, and leverage insights into how they are being used and impact business decisions.

In-line Conversations

Collaborate with your team directly on top of your live data assets. Leverage annotations and video to better contextualize questions and insights.

Asset Lifecycle

Easily categorize your data assets to improve the productivity of your team and the competency of your internal customers.


Leverage our built in analytics capabilities to understand how your internal customers use the products you built.

Asset Management


Our solution is natively integrated with your existing analytics and collaboration software.

  • Extension
    Browser Extension

    Eliminate the need to shuffle tabs by accessing content and empowering conversations directly within the UI of analytics tools.

  • Bi-Tools
    Business Intelligence Tools

    Sync data assets from your BI tools to view and manage them dynamically within Workstram’s collaborative hub for data teams.

  • Collaboration
    Collaboration Software

    Meet stakeholders where they already ask questions, and receive notifications in whatever channel you prefer.

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