Turn Data Into

Knowledge You
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Workstream simplifies access to your analytic assets, ensuring users can confidently impact business outcomes.

Search & Discover. Workstream simplifies your data organization with automated taxonomy and universal search that locates assets across over 30 integrated platforms, including Looker, Google Sheets & Tableau.

Asset Certification. Ensure user confidence and protection by certifying regularly maintained assets, preventing reliance on outdated or broken resources for critical decisions.

Stay In The Know. Teams can be alerted if the data is accurate by viewing the data status on an asset, including uptime and any recent incidents.

Lifecycle Management. Keep your data environment clean and clutter-free with Workstream. Automate asset removal for inactive items and receive alerts on assets that remain unused for a set timeframe.

On average Workstream customers spend 40% less time trying to find data assets.


Workstream equips data teams to guide people in how to use data, preventing poor business decisions and maximizing asset potential.

Save time onBoarding

Train New Joiners

Equip new joiners with the necessary information to utilize data assets on day 1 with videos and guides on using assets, definitions for company-specific terms, and FAQ docs, all housed alongside the asset.

Stay in the loop

In-line Conversations

Streamline collaboration with a persistent feed of comments, questions, and answers. Use visual annotations to point to specific data points when asking or answering questions to ensure clarity.

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One doc to rule them all

Docs with Live Data

Bring together data and knowledge like never before with Workstream Docs. Embed multiple live data assets into a single doc for weekly reports, training guides, or an exploratory analysis across multiple data assets.

Get the right data

Update and Inform

Create Collections to distribute data to the right people, such as Customer Success or Marketing teams, and use tagging to automatically populate these Collections with assets.

The answers you need

Simplify End User Support

Kill your service desk by centralizing questions in a single place, displaying answers to team members questions for all to see, and leveraging integrations to ticketing systems.

On average Workstream customers are able to improve their support ratios by 30%


By housing all of your data assets and knowledge in one place, Workstream has unprecedented insights into how your company uses data. Being armed with this information leads to a virtuous cycle, so your data is continually providing more value to the organization.

Understand Your Environment

Workstream gives you a complete view over everything happening in your analytics environment. Look at trends by team, asset type, integration, and more to understand how your team can amplify your impact on the organization.

Usage & Behavior Data on Assets

Get deeper insights into how end users engage with assets via usage analytics and heat mapping. Understand the parts of assets they found valuable and leverage this information to create more valuable content.

Understand Your Environment

Empower everyone in your organization to get value from these insights by surfacing trending assets by role so end users can see what assets other users like themselves are using and find value in.

Diagnose Data Quality Incidents

Keep your environment top notch by triangulating upstream data quality incidents with highly used dashboards and reports. Diagnosis issues with our dbt Cloud and Monte Carlo integrations.

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