Product update

dbt Slack alerting + enhancements for Incident Management & Insights

dbt Slack alerting + enhancements for Incident Management & Insights
March 22, 2024

Today we are excited to announce extensive enhancements to our Slack alerting for data incidents in dbt and beyond. We are also shipping updates to our advanced incident management workflows and incident insights. 

As you can tell, we are moving fast so you will see a comprehensive list of the major updates below.

Slack Alerting for dbt

On March 4th of this month, we released our sophisticated Slack alerting for dbt, including our new support for dbt Core alongside our existing integration with dbt Cloud

Our sophisticated slack alerting is the heart of the new Core product, which will always be free. Our alerting is detailed, actionable, and intelligent, and today we are announcing a series of enhancements:

Detailed alerts for dbt

Our alerts include detailed information that (among other things) lets your data team easily triage issues on their phone:

  1. Which dbt model, source, and tests are failing 
  2. The current status and owner of the incident

Actionable alerts for dbt

Our alerts now let you take the following quick actions directly from Slack:

  1. Navigate to our Incident 360 feature set to see the full list of impacted models, metrics, dashboards, and data consumers
  2. Change incident ownership
  3. Update incident status to monitoring

Intelligent alerts for dbt

Our alerts also intelligently fit into our incident paradigm, which avoids chattiness and alerting fatigue. You can expect that:

  • When a failure first happens in a dbt run, we will create an incident and alert you
  • If the test failure re-occurs in a subsequent run:
    • We will NOT alert you again until dbt successfully runs
    • When dbt runs successfully, we automatically close the incident and will alert you in a Slack thread

Advanced incident management & insights

This past month, we also shipped a series of enhancements to our advanced incident management and insights functionality. These include the ability to:

  • Manually create incidents in our system, and associate assets with them
  • Filter incidents in our incident 360 view by their status, creator, and owner
  • Search for incidents centrally in our UI
  • See a comprehensive list of failing certified dashboards, and trends in certified dashboard failures to assess the blast radius of outages

We hope that you are as excited to use these updates as we are to ship them. As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.