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Incident Detail, @mention via incident comments, and more…

Incident Detail, @mention via incident comments, and more…
Nick Freund
January 1, 2024

Happy New Year! In honor of 2024, we are announcing a series of major enhancements to our data incident workflows module. These all go directly towards our goal of making the single place for your team to manage its end-to-end process to triage data downtime.

All of your data incidents are now directly accessible via the workspace left navigation, and clicking an incident will open our new incident detail view.

This is a 360 view of an incident, including what system it was detected in, the dashboards it impacted, and a timeline of what downstream users were affected. From the incident detail - and anywhere else you interact with an incident - you can now not only assign ownership of an incident, but loop in others via at mentions. Anytime a user is assigned ownership or at mentioned, they will receive a proactive notification.

And finally, we are extending the support of our Monte Carlo integration to also include Tableau dashboards. Now you can track and communicate the uptime of these assets via our Monte Carlo powered status pages.