Product update

Google Colab Notebooks + dbt Webhooks

Google Colab Notebooks + dbt Webhooks
June 2, 2023

We have just released exciting functionality in multiple areas of the application to help your entire team get even more out of Workstream.

To start, we have added Google Colab Notebooks as an asset type. We heard from many customers that being able to centralize and curate these notebooks alongside other data assets would be hugely beneficial for collaborating around Python code. The new integration stands beside our existing data notebook integration with Hex.

Meanwhile, our dbt status pages now support webhooks. This allows Workstream to display data quality and freshness updates in essentially real-time, as webhooks are sent as soon as dbt identifies an issue.

Members may also have noticed a new email in their inbox. As part of our effort to make data knowledge and insights easier to access, this email provides a rundown of assets that have recently been added to your workspace.