Product update

Announcing the Workstream Concierge

Announcing the Workstream Concierge
February 3, 2022

Release Date: 7/7/21

In our last update, I teased the future of the Workstream Concierge. Today, I am excited to announce that (via our browser extension) it is now available directly from the UI of your data visualization tools!

⚠️ Our extension should auto-update when you restart Chrome. If you have it installed, and do not see the below changes, please reach out!

➕  Be prompted to add an asset

When you are viewing an asset, our system will recognize when it is not associated to our system and prompt you to add it with a single click.

🔋  Empower your stakeholders

Importantly, stakeholders can view curated content within the UI of your visualization tool. This includes whether an asset is certified, or other important context like training content or written analysis. (Is there something else valuable to show? Please let us know!)

Stakeholders can also ask questions and make requests directly from the report or dashboard they are viewing. They no longer need to shuffle tabs, and all inquiries are routed to your team's queue for prioritization and delivery!