Blog Post announces dbt cloud integration and new pricing to untrap data knowledge

Nick Freund
October 17, 2023

Let’s be honest: nobody wants to buy software right now. So before we jump into our new and improved dbt integration, let’s talk about pricing. We’ve heard your feedback, so we’re now offering monthly pricing for our Teams plan! This will allow you to enable data knowledge in your org for only $800 and a quick 30-minute onboarding session. If you’re interested, check out the additional info at the bottom of this post. And now, dbt!

We are big fans of dbt at We use it internally, we talk to our customers about how they use it, and we think a lot about how the engineering mindset can transform the future of analytical work.

Our customers, who we fondly call data knowledge pioneers, are generally some of the most innovative and forward thinking data people around. They’ve built mature data teams, and have stood up impressive technologies to capture, transform and consume data. Most importantly they provide their teams with not just data, but the data knowledge required for everyone to understand the data available to them, and apply it to impact their business.

This knowledge can include critical information about what data to use in a particular situation, enablement around how to use that data, or temporal context such as should I trust this data? And more and more recently, folks have been coming to us saying, “There’s all of this critical knowledge about our data that we want to expose the business, but it's trapped in upstream systems like dbt cloud. Can you help us?”

And excitingly, the answer is now yes.

We’re thrilled to announce two major upgrades to our dbt cloud integration: first, the ability to expose data status pages for your mission critical assets; and second, the ability to leverage your dbt project to build business-facing documentation. 

Here is a view of exposing data quality status for a business asset.

Untrapping data knowledge for the business

Core knowledge about your data, such as information about how to use data, or what data to trust, is trapped inside data brains—or data systems (such as your dbt project). This is the perfect example of the information asymmetries that plague data work.  

Data people have this critical knowledge, but not the business users who need it. And until now it has been nearly impossible for data teams to effectively communicate that knowledge.

Doing this historically included doing things like manually building documentation in an intranet (to train users on how to apply data), or manually tracking data incidents in a spreadsheet, and then having awkward and transactional conversations with impacted users (to convey trust).

Ultimately, the manual nature of these efforts makes it too difficult for teams to build and maintain this knowledge, and too cumbersome for everyone else in the business to find it – leading to frustrations across the board. 

Why dbt powered data knowledge changes the game

Now when you connect your instance to your dbt project, core information about data outages, including failed tests and data freshness checks, become automatically communicated to users via data status pages. 

Status Pages are automatically created and updated for each data asset in your environment with a valid exposure. This includes the current status of the asset, a graph of historical up/downtime in the last 30 days, as well as a list of any current or historical data incidents – including their status and core context.

This critical knowledge about whether to trust data becomes automatically available for all of your users wherever they already work, via the Workstream Concierge.

You can also unlock critical dbt based knowledge about your data via our end user documentation features. When leveraging any of our documentation features, including asset content overviews or Workstream docs, you can pull in dynamic definitions of your dbt nodes.

With these new dbt - Workstream integrations, your investments in dbt are no longer trapped, tribal knowledge — but instead knowledge that can be leveraged by everyone in the organization. 

Empowered by this knowledge, you never again will answer questions such as “does this look right” or “how do I use this.”

You Asked, We Listened: New Pricing Structure
In addition to these new features, we are also announcing our new pricing structure: getting started with data knowledge is cheaper and easier than ever before.

We heard from many of you that you wanted a lower commitment, easier way to get started, and simple pricing. With our Team plan, you can now enable everyone with unlimited knowledge just $800/ month when you use the code EARLYADOPTER, valid until 12/31. 

For a limited time, lock in this low month-to-month pricing without any ongoing commitment. Just check out here and our team will be in touch quickly to get you going.

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Nick Freund
October 17, 2023