dbt Integration with Workstream.io

Workstream integrates with your dbt cloud project. Once connected, Workstream automatically syncs exposures to show real-time monitoring of data quality and freshness alongside your existing analytics tools. Should data issues arise with critical assets, we automatically notify you and show which underlying models or sources have an issue viewing an asset so that you know what is happening. Since Workstream supports many analytics tools, you can now streamline access to assets & tracking of underlying data issues in a single place.

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Integration Highlights

  • Workstream integrates with dbt projects to automatically sync exposures and shows real-time monitoring of data quality and freshness.
  • Workstream supports many analytics tools so that users can streamline access to assets and tracking of underlying data issues in a single place.
  • The benefits of using Workstream + dbt include having a one-stop shop for exposing data quality issues across all analytics tools, importing assets into a single workspace, being able to surface built-in tests for data correctness and freshness, etc.

How does Workstream work with dbt?

Workstream connects to your dbt cloud & tracks any exposures configured in your project. Tables that matter to you can be distilled down to insightful and actionable data. Connect dbt, and easily access your BI tools where the distilled data would typically go. 

Benefits of Workstream + dbt

  • One-stop shop for exposing data quality issues across all of your analytics tools – from BI solutions like Tableau and Looker to data in operational systems like Salesforce, and even one-off exploratory analysis in spreadsheets or notebooks. 
  • Import your assets into one workspace, and allow us to automatically create status pages for your most critical ones
  • Surface built-in tests for data correctness and freshness to remedy urgent analytics issues before stakeholders become aware of data quality issues
  • Enjoy having conversations with stakeholders about anything, and curate in-line documentation, training content, and FAQs, so you never have to answer the same question twice 

Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] How does Workstream identify which dbt assets to create status pages for?

[A] Workstream creates a status page for any data asset that is configured as Exposure in dbt. From there, we automatically identify what sources and models provide the underlying data for that asset, and include them on the status page.

[Q] Where are the dbt status pages presented?

[A] Status pages are presented wherever you’re viewing the asset (in our web application, or natively in your analytics tools via the Workstream Concierge Chrome extension)

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