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Workstream integrates with your Monte Carlo instance. Once connected, Workstream syncs with all of your Monte Carlo monitors to build status pages for your critical data assets, and tracks the data incidents flagged by Monte Carlo data observability solution. When data incidents are flagged in Monte Carlo, those incidents are automatically detected by Workstream. Use Workstream alongside Monte Carlo to automate your teams on call rotation, control the blast radius of incidents and rebuild stakeholder trust. On average, teams experience a 40% reduction in incident resolution time and a noticeable improvement in stakeholder relationships.

Integration highlights:

  • Integrates with your Monte Carlo instance to automatically built status pages and manage your on call rotation for data incidents
  • Make on-call better through automation: streamline collaboration on incidents by assigning ownership, sharing critical context, and managing handoffs with your on-call team. Automate the creation of follow-up tasks and documentation regarding issue resolution. 
  • Contain incident blast radius: instantly know what and who is affected when you have data downtime. Easily understand who viewed broken data, and what they saw. 

Rebuild trust with stakeholders: Keep stakeholders informed throughout the incident resolution process via push alerts and status pages, available where they already work. Allow everyone to understand historical reliability trends and whether an asset is currently up or down.

How does Workstream work with Monte Carlo?

Workstream connects to your Monte Carlo instance to track all of your monitors and build status pages for your data. When data incidents are detected, Workstream automatically will sync and expose those – streamlining how your team responds to, and communicates data incidents. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Workstream identify what to create status pages for?

Workstream creates a status page for any data asset (dashboard, report, etc) with a valid Monte Carlo monitor. From there, we will automatically create incidents in your Workstream instance to coordinate your team’s workflow and downstream communication about issues.

Where are the status pages presented?

Status pages are available wherever people are already viewing the asset (ie, your BI tool) via the Workstream Concierge.

About Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is the world’s leading data observability solution. The company is on a mission to accelerate teh adoption of data by reducing data downtime.

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