JIRA Integration with Workstream.io

Better collaborate on your live data assets while taking agile project management to the next level by connecting JIRA and Workstream. Now you can automate the creation of JIRA tickets in your data team’s backlog whenever someone starts a conversation on a live data asset using Workstream. When connecting JIRA, you will need to map your JIRA and Workstream statuses so that Workstream knows how to sync statuses between the two systems. Tickets will include a link back to where the original request was made, so you always have context.

Integration Highlights

  • Workstream.io can be automatically synced with JIRA to create tickets in your backlog based on conversations about the data
  • Data teams can prioritize their backlogs more efficiently and manage sprawl
  • Workstream does not have a steep learning curve

How does Workstream work with JIRA?

Once the connection between Workstream.io and JIRA is made, you can automatically sync requests to your agile project management tool. We will create a ticket in your JIRA backlog when a conversation is started in Workstream. You can choose what kinds of conversations trigger a ticket, how you want to map statuses, and what permissions are required to connect JIRA to Workstream. The choice is yours.

Benefits of Workstream + JIRA

  • Your data team can prioritize its backlog based on requests that come in, while collaborating on top of your live data assets in Workstream. If you are already using JIRA, this shouldn’t add to the sprawl of tickets.
  • Workstream does not have a steep learning curve. You’re welcome.
  • With automatically generated links back across the systems, it is easy to toggle between managing your backlog and collaborating with your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] What does Workstream sync with JIRA?

[A] We sync new Workstream conversations to your JIRA backlog, and then sync any status changes in the tickets across the two systems. Note that we do not sync comments, only the initial ticket description.

[Q] When does a JIRA ticket get created?

[A] You can choose what Workstream conversation status triggers a ticket creation.

[Q] How are Workstream statuses reflected in JIRA?

[A] You choose how to map statuses during installation.

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