Product update

Support for Google Sheets

Support for Google Sheets
February 3, 2022

Do you regularly provide your internal customers one-off data dumps? Or build lightweight data apps for them in Google Sheets?

Now you can consolidate these often temporal, but previously ungoverned, assets in our Knowledge Repository, and access them right alongside reports from your visualization tool!

📒  Sheets as an asset type 📒

Add a Google Sheet to your repository by pasting its link, or by adding it via the Workstream Concierge. Once associated, you can view the sheet dynamically embedded within our web app. Or, you can leverage our functionality within Sheets itself via the Concierge!

👁️  Governance for temporal assets 👁️

We hope that you are excited by Workstream's potential to help you better govern these assets. Please stay tuned as we release more holistic functionality for you to manage the lifecycle of any data product in the coming sprints.