Product update

Our product, remixed

Our product, remixed
February 3, 2022

Release Date: 6/8/21

Our remixed product is here, and we are excited to get your hands on what we have been talking to you about these past few months! You will notice that this update is a bit different (and longer) than normal, as I want to frame this note within our product vision.

⚠️ We believe that analytical tools are more powerful than ever, but the workflow of analytics teams — specifically how they engage with and support business stakeholders — remains broken.

💡 Workstream empowers analytics teams to support the assets they create like products, and engage their stakeholders like customers.

📘  Announcing our Knowledge Repository...

Now you can quickly associate an asset (i.e, a dashboard) to Workstream by simply pasting its link! Any user in your workspace can view that dashboard dynamically embedded, and see what assets are certified as supported by the data & analytics team.

You can use Workstream to communicate important context to stakeholders by curating written (and soon video) explanations and actionable insights. In the near future, you will be able to pin frequently asked questions to assets, clarifying important known issues for stakeholders and institutionalizing otherwise temporal knowledge.

Equally important is understanding what assets are valuable and used by your organization. As of this release, stakeholders can up-vote assets! Soon you will be able to view asset usage trends, and programmatically solicit stakeholder feedback.

💎  ...and the Workstream Concierge

Within our application, anyone can ask questions and make requests directly from where they originate: the asset itself.

These inbound inquiries feed into a centralized queue where your team can assign & prioritize work, and collaborate with stakeholders. When someone naturally reaches out via Slack, leverage our integration to add the "ticket" to your queue and auto-subscribe stakeholders to Slack updates.  **

In the coming weeks, we will be bringing all of this functionality directly on top of your BI tools, making our experience available right within the services used by your team. We currently support Tableau, Looker, Mode and Google Data Studio.

As always, I would like to extend my most sincere thanks for all of your engagement that has made this possible. Please keep the feedback coming!