Product update

Loom, Image Quality & New Notifications

Loom, Image Quality & New Notifications
February 3, 2022

Release Date: 1/19/21

Happy New Year! I am excited to announce our support for Loom, image quality improvements, and new notifications!

Embed a Loom

In addition to text commentary and freeform graphics, you can also now embed a Loom video directly in a Workstream post. Collaborators can view the Loom in-line or full screen.

Image Enhancements

We have made changes to vastly improve quality when using our app to capture and crop images. You no longer should experience blurry or unreadable images.

In addition, we now support uploading externally captured PNGs and JPEG files. A great use case for this is if you want to associate a large dashboard that requires scrolling.

New Notifications

You will now receive a "participant email" when a collaborator responds to a steam to which you have posted. This ensures you are always aware of your project status.