Product update


February 3, 2022

Release Date: 11/23/20

I'm excited to announce our latest product update, which enhances our support for dashboards by letting users add annotations!

Annotate your dashboard

In addition to text commentary, you can now add text, shapes, and freeform graphics directly onto any dashboard when you post in Workstream.

When navigating through discussion streams, you can quickly click on any post to view your team's annotations alongside their commentary.

Within email notifications for @mentions, these annotations also show up alongside an image of your dashboard.

Create a project by adding a dashboard

In addition to starting a project by adding a scope or spreadsheet, you can now set-up a project by adding a dashboard. When grabbing a dashboard, you can also include a URL to access the source with the click of a button.

Thank you all for the feedback and input that made this release possible!