Product update

A roundup of workspace enhancements

A roundup of workspace enhancements
Nick Freund
April 11, 2022

As you know, a big focus of our recent development efforts has been improving our Knowledge Repository. We want to make it the absolutely best place to access & manage your analytical assets.

More work lies ahead, but I am excited to announce a handful of improvements that wrap up this latest series of investments:

  • New asset cards: we now auto-magically capture images of your assets, and show them on the asset cards. This allows you to more intuitively find what you are looking for.
  • Asset grid view: we now offer viewing assets in a grid in case that is your preferred view.
  • Asset sorting: in addition to our advanced filtering capabilities, we now also support asset sorting.
  • Archived assets: Archived assets will no longer appear in your main workspace view.