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2022 Feature Roundup

2022 Feature Roundup
January 11, 2023

We have been hard at work over the past several months, building out new core functionality that will have a significant impact on how you access and share your Workstream assets. Whether your are part of the analytics team, or just use the Workstream Chrome extension to view content overviews, these updates should give you even more control and flexibility than ever. Let’s get into it!

Member-created Assets

Until now, only workspace owners could add their own assets to Workstream. With the latest release, any member can add their own assets. This allows everyone to populate their own analytics hub with the exact data and reporting they need on any given day.

Importantly, these assets are private to the user who added them unless they are explicitly shared or promoted to the workspace by an owner. You will not need to worry about cluttering your team’s workspace, or adding information that is not relevant to others.

Please note: due to this change, members using the Concierge Chrome extension will begin to see prompts to add assets to Workstream when using their native analytics tools. These prompts can be easily dismissed by selecting “Don’t ask to auto add assets” after declining to add an asset.

Revamped Permissions Structure

Through customer feedback, we understood that we could do more to clarify how assets are shared, and enable teams to share them with the exact users who need access to them. In response, we have restructured how permissions work across all entity types—from assets, to conversations, and even collections—bringing you more clarity and options for how you share and interact with your data.

With this update comes the introduction of private, shared, and public sharing, as well as explicit access grants for more targeted sharing. This is a huge (and hugely impactful) upgrade to platform functionality, so I hope you will take the time to read more here about how it all works.

New Asset Types

Headlining the list of new supported assets is our new flagship integration with PowerBI. Connect your PowerBI instance to automatically import all of your reports and dashboards to your workspace.

We have also released support for several other types of assets, which can be added individually:

  • Redash
  • Sisense for Cloud Data Teams (formerly Periscope Data)
  • Holistics
  • NICE CXOne

As always, we encourage you to reach out if there is another type of asset you would like to add to your workspace—we will be happy to build an integration for you.

We hope you have enjoyed coming along on this journey with us so far! I am more excited than ever about the direction Workstream is taking, and the new category of Data Knowledge Management we are building.