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Transform your analytics into data people actually want to use with Workstream’s integration with your Tableau instance. Take your data and reporting to the next level with our analytics hub. Help people and your organization become more data-driven with unparalleled collaboration, context setting, and data storytelling.

Integration Highlights

  • offers integration for Tableau that allows users to connect data and the people that care about it, automatically importing assets and synchronizing every night to catch newly added dashboards and reports.
  • Workstream + Tableau provides a number of benefits, including the ability to spend less time hunting down reports and their status/history, as well as enjoying multi-way collaboration on visual Tableau data assets side-by-side with other tools.
  • Data democratization is possible with Workstream features like rich conversations on top of assets and a single, organized repository for all your dashboards and projects.

How does Workstream work with Tableau?

Connect data and the people that care about it. When you add the relevant Workstream connector, we will automatically import your Tableau data assets and synchronize every night to catch newly added dashboards and reports. Native Tableau tags and projects are also synced with each available asset for familiar categorization. And while each workbook is one data asset, you can use Workstream to build out the documentation for each tab to provide additional context and training. Additionally, you can have rich conversations on top of your Tableau assets to collaborate with colleagues, and provide a single, organized repository for your data assets.

Benefits of Workstream + Tableau

  • Spend less time hunting down reports, status, and history as brings it all into one place
  • Enjoy multi-way collaboration on the visual Tableau data assets side-by-side with other tools
  • Celebrate the beginning of data democratization at your organization

Once Workstream + Tableau are integrated, what does it look like?

Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] Can assets be added individually, or do you need to do the full integration?

[A] supports both types. You choose.

[Q] How do permissions work?

[A] Workstream syncs metadata for Tableau assets.

About Tableau

Tableau is a family of software tools designed to help people see and understand data. They are working to empower organizations of all sizes to make faster, more confident data-driven decisions with analytics for every role. What once was a computer science project at Stanford, Tableau has blossomed into an intuitive interface for drag-and-drop actions that visually express data. Fans tout easy database connectivity and the ability to make data fun to look at. 

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