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Workstream integrates with Mode Analytics, the collaborative business analytics, and data science platform. Workstream automatically syncs reports and collections into its unified repository alongside your other analytics assets. Give your team one place to go for all dashboards, reports, and operational data to collaborate, read critical information, and access explainer videos on top of those digital assets. And if you’re in Mode natively, the Workstream Concierge Chrome extension shows all conversations, data quality information, FAQs, and historical context without switching tools.

Integration Highlights

  • Workstream integrates with Mode Analytics to sync reports and collections into a unified repository, alongside other analytics assets which gives users one place to go for all dashboards, reports, and operational data.
  • Workstream also has a full importer so that you can connect with Mode and sync all your assets. 
  • Benefits of using Workstream + Mode include: spend less time hunting down reports; enjoy multi-way collaboration; and celebrate the beginning of data democratization at your organization.


How does Workstream work with Mode?

Workstream has a full importer so that you can connect with Mode and sync all your assets. We can embed reports, bring in your Mode collection names, and show them as tags to organize your assets. Once your reports are in the Workstream knowledge repository, you can better analyze the information alongside your other data assets. The more context, the better.

Benefits of Workstream + Mode

  • Spend less time hunting down reports, their status, and history as brings it all into one place
  • Enjoy multi-way collaboration with Mode data assets side-by-side with assets from other tools
  • Celebrate the beginning of data democratization at your organization

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does sync Mode data assets, or do I have to add them manually?

A: supports both types. Take your pick.

Q: What data do you sync from Mode?

A: We sync in all of your Mode reports, the collections they are associated with, and other metadata.

About Mode Analytics

Mode helps data teams tell stories that can change their business’ destiny. Mode is a modern analytics and BI solution that combines SQL, Python, R, and visual analysis to answer questions faster. They are on a mission to unlock and accelerate human reasoning by providing an unreasonably fast, unexpectedly delightful path to investigate ideas, analyze data, and make great decisions as a team. 

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