Data Teams: Kill Your Service Desk

Meet the team at the Coalesce 2022 conference on October 17 -21. You can watch an on-demand replay of our founder Nick Freund’s session. Of course, if you're in New Orleans, Louisiana live we would love to see you there!

Nick Freund knows how much folks hate the “service desk” to manage requests from stakeholders, and he has ideas on what you can do about it.


data teams: kill your service desk

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Nick Freund
Nicholas Freund

Founder & CEO

With, you can:

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    Bring together your disparate analytics assets, knowledge, and workflows in a single repository for your team

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    Build embedded status pages for your assets with our dbt Cloud integration

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    Classify assets by the stages in their lifecycle and certification state

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    Have one place for team members to interact collaboratively with stakeholders throughout the data process

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    Integrate tools you already use, including dbt, Looker, Google forms, Slack, JIRA, and more

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