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Investigating how teams make decisions.

Investigating how teams make decision
The History of Analysts: Part Two
Nick Freund
December 8, 2020
Analysts across history have leveraged an ever-evolving and more powerful set of quantitative analysis tools.
The History of Analysts: Part One
Nick Freund
September 30, 2020
Rather than understanding analysts by segmenting their characteristics (toolset, title), we should look at the jobs they are hired to do.
Why the Best Analysts are Developers
Nick Freund
July 7, 2020
While analysts leverage more powerful analytical tools than ever, the feedback mechanisms we use to navigate our projects are outdated.
Introducing Workstream: Changing the Analyst Game
Nick Freund
April 7, 2020
Workstream will unify complex, analytical projects. Our SaaS platform will integrate with existing analytical tools, and allow teams to seamlessly collaborate, and orchestrate their projects from start to finish.

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